Review: Goose Island Cooper Project No. 3

Bourbon barrel stout.
Goose Island Cooper Project No. 3
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Reviewed on 12-13-2017
Rating A+
Style Porter
Produced In Illinois
United States
ABV 8.3%
Availability Limited

The Full Review

A porter with the strength of a stout and big dominating flavors. It’s the type of beer that will spoil you and make you have overreaching expectations of what a porter can be. Caramel and vanilla notes are clear from the start, followed up by brown sugar and chocolate. Hints of the bourbon barrel the beer was aged in hold all of the aromas together. One sip of the deep colored beer and all of those aromas are confirmed. It’s the next best thing to getting your hands on a Bourbon County Stout. It’ll be hard to cherish this beer because you’ll want to keep drinking it indefinitely, but give it some patience, let it transform in the glass, and see what the Cooper Project is all about.