Review: Golan Heights Winery ‘Yarden’ Blanc de Blancs Brut 2009

A kosher, traditional method sparkler that has incredible richness and complexity, with lots of toasty, leesy notes.
Golan Heights Winery 'Yarden' Blanc de Blancs Brut
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Reviewed on 01-05-2018
Rating A-
Style Sparkling White
Vintage 2009
ABV 12%
Price $30.00 Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Holiday Meals, Long-Term Aging, Sounding Like A Wine Pro

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The Full Review

This kosher, traditional method sparkler ages on the lees for five years to gain surprising complexity and richness. Yellow apple fruit takes second place to toasty, brioche-like notes of brown sugar and waxy vanilla candle, giving way to a long, savory-sweet finish.