Reviewed on 12-13-2017
Rating B+
Style Double IPA
Produced In Arizona
United States
ABV 9%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Cold Weather Hibernation, End of Day Sipping, Netflix And Chill, Relaxing After Work

The Full Review

The semi-sweet smell of Fruity Pebble cereal milk rises from each glass of Four Peaks Double Knot IPA, but don’t think for a second that it’s child’s play. It’s a big beer with big pine hop flavors. It pours a dark amber, but is lighter on your tongue than you’d expect from a beer so big. The light carbonation smooths the beer out with a low lying bubbling that keeps things uplifting despite being a sobriety stopping 9 percent alcohol by volume. Caramel malts hold the drink together and keep it from falling out of balance, but the cascade, glacier, liberty, magnum, and simcoe hops are the stars that shine brightest. it’s a beer for true hop heads.