Reviewed on 12-13-2017
Rating A
Style Imperial Stout
Produced In Michigan
United States
ABV 8.3%
Availability Winter

Perfect For

Cold Weather Hibernation, Date Night, End of Day Sipping

The Full Review

Coffee and beer go together like cream cheese and bagels, and Breakfast Stout is a beer that’ll make you want breakfast all day. Oats, chocolate, and, of course, coffee flavors fill the beer. A thick khaki head tops the glass and seems to never go away. Each sip will wake you up and invigorate you like that first cup of coffee does in the morning. It’s creamy and delicious yet impossible to get tired of drinking, the perfect mix of beer, coffee, and chocolate that can make even the most beer-adverse drinker into a fan. The biggest downside of the Founders Breakfast Stout is that it’s not available year around.