Reviewed on 01-24-2017
Rating B
Style Russian Imperial Stout
Produced In Rhode Island
United States
ABV 9%
Availability Winter

Perfect For

Cold Weather Hibernation, End of Day Sipping, Netflix And Chill

The Full Review

Cold weather doesn’t have to be negative. Yes, you’ll be wearing more layers than you thought could fit on your body, and every inch of skin left exposed to the elements will feel like it’s getting frostbite from those nor’easter winds. Hiding inside with a heady Russian Imperial Stout, though? That’s something that can make you look forward to freezing temperatures. Russian Imperial Stouts, known for their high, body-warming alcohol content and big, toasted malt flavors, can warm up the night (or day, no judgment here). That’s the type of comfort you can expect in a glass of Revery Russian Imperial Stout from Rhode Island’s Foolproof Brewing Company. Revery is filled with six different types of barley, plus flaked oats that add flavors of espresso and dark chocolate. It’s ink-well black in the glass, and has a subtle touch of banana sweetness. Three types of hops (Northern Brewer, which is a bit woody, Tettnanger, a mild German hop, and Hallertau, another mild German-style hop) round out the beer with a slightly bitter finish that lingers longer than the malty sweetness. A light carbonation fizzes out into a creamy texture in your mouth with each sip. Revery is light and easy drinking — almost too easy drinking. At 9 percent alcohol by volume, a couple glasses or cans of Revery and you’ll be ready to brave the elements. Or stay put, crack open another, and avoid the outdoors altogether. Your prerogative. At the time of writing this, Foolproof beers are available in New England and Texas.