Reviewed on 09-24-2018
Rating B+
Style Lager, Märzen
Produced In Lexington, Virginia
United States
ABV 5.9%
Availability Fall

Perfect For

Date Night, Holiday Meals, Sipping Without Food

The Full Review

O'Fest calls upon the sweeter side of Oktoberfest. Pouring a crystal-clear, copper color with a slight khaki head, aromas of sweet bread, soft pretzel crust and caramel malts come to the forefront, with hints of herbal hop notes — Northern Brewer, Hallertua Mittlefrau, and Saaz are used — close behind. Crisp carbonation allows the malt-forward sweetness to shine, cascading over the palate in stages: first, a bite of carbonation at the tip of the tongue; next, caramel sweetness in a creamy malt center; then, a hint of bitterness at the edges of the palate. O'fest finishes slow with a lingering syrupy note that, depending on the drinker, is either a pleasant remnant of the experience you've just had; or, a sign to move on to the next conquest.