Reviewed on 09-19-2018
Rating B+
Style Double IPA, IPA
Produced In Coronado, California
United States
ABV 8.5%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Date Night, Happy Hour, Relaxing After Work

The Full Review

Like a spirited, functional uncle, 22nd Anniversary IIPA hides its booze well. Crisp and refreshing for its 8.5 percent ABV, this imperial IPA brewed in commemoration of Coronado Brewing's 22nd anniversary pours a nearly clear, golden color. It's aromatic with notes of pine sap, orange peel, and pineapple on the nose; and on the palate, white bread crust and citrus marmalade flavors mingle. An excellent and fortifying take on a style that is so often cloyingly sweet or aggressively bitter and boozy.