Review: Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

A fresh, classic tasting pumpkin beer.
Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale
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Reviewed on 09-28-2017
Rating A
Style Pumpkin Beer
Produced In California
United States
ABV 6%
Availability Fall

The Full Review

A pumpkin beer that earns the name “America’s Original” — both in how long it’s been in the line up at Buffalo Bill’s, and in how good it tastes. It pours a dark, sappy amber color will little head. Pumpkin spices are right up front on the nose, and it tastes slightly like pumpkin Cheerios without the dustiness. It’s fresh, with each pumpkin spice flavor getting equal attention. America’s Original Pumpkin Ale isn’t trying too hard to fit the preconceptions of a pumpkin beer, yet it’s not trying to buck the preconceptions of pumpkin beer. TL;DR, it’s a fulfilling beer perfect for multiple rounds on cool fall nights.