Reviewed on 10-10-2017
Rating B+
Style Märzen
Produced In Germany
ABV 5.8%
Availability Fall

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, End of Day Sipping, Happy Hour

The Full Review

A bready, slightly sweet, and classic clean märzen, or oktoberfest beer. It's the type of drink that'll make you want a pretzel. When tasting a beer like this, you’re really just looking for something wrong with it, and Edel doesn't have any glaring faults. There are some light fruity notes, but overall it's gulpable, light, lively, and refreshing. It’s made under the German beer purity law, which requires only grain, yeast, hops, and water be used in production. There’s not a lot to break down, and that’s the point. It’s a beer perfect for food that will leave your palate clean. Drink it.