Reviewed on 01-08-2019
Rating B+
Style White
Vintage 2017
Willamette Valley
ABV 13.4%
Price $20.00  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Host/Hostess Gifting, Pleasing A Crowd

Drink If You Like

Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot Blanc , Pinot Gris / Grigio

The Full Review

The Ponzi family are one of the key players in the wine history of the Willamette Valley, so maybe that is why this wine clocks in at $20, but I could be wrong. The wine is good; as a new world version of an established and sometimes neutral European, mostly French and Italian, grape, Ponzi brings some depth to the wine, especially on the palate with calm acidity along with typical pear and apple aromas with a touch of honeysuckle, but I would like to pay five dollars less for it in retail. This wine has a place on your palate but maybe for the next dinner party.