Reviewed on 01-03-2019
Rating A+
Style White
Vintage 2016
North Coast
ABV 14.3%
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Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Dinner With The Parents, Impressing On A Budget, Wine And Cheese Night

Drink If You Like

Albariño, Chardonnay , Chenin Blanc

The Full Review

The wines coming out of this winery, started by the granddaughter of John Deere, are on point. Landmark made its bones on whole-bunch press, native yeast, french oak aged Chardonnay with Overlook being their OG vineyard, and current winemaker Greg Statch is carrying on this tradition with flying colors. Everything is in its right place here; the oak is a perfect balance of toast and vanilla and the fruit is ripe but balanced by a slight malo that coats the palate,sending aromas of apples and tropical fruits to the brain in the most elegant way. This is why we fell in love with Chardonnay in the states.