Reviewed on 03-29-2019
Rating B-
Style Red
Vintage 2016
Sonoma County
North Coast
ABV 14.3%
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Perfect For

Boozy Beach Trips, Cold Weather Hibernation, Host/Hostess Gifting

Drink If You Like

Malbec, Merlot , Pinot Noir

The Full Review

There are two types of Pinot noir, those below 14% alcohol and those over 14% alcohol. In the “above” category this grape eschews subtlety for prominent heat and then everything else. If your palate is in the “above” category this wine is your jam, with notes of vanilla and cherry cola under a stratosphere of warmth. The intense influence of the oak does not go so far as to add too much tannin, smoothing the wine out, but the sharp finish will remind you how boozy this wine is.