Reviewed on 04-12-2017
Rating B+
Style American Pale Ale, Pale Ale
Produced In United States
ABV 6.2%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Last Minute Wine Runs, Relaxing After Work

The Full Review

Start pouring a bottle of Four Peaks Pitchfork Pale Ale into a glass and prepare for a hopped up, American pale ale experience. Heady aromatics fly off the amber caramel colored beer from the start and follow through to the first sip. Pitchfork is literally a hop bursting beer, Four Peaks writes on their website. In order to boost the American hop flavors and aromas while decreasing the bitterness, the brewers dumped the majority of Melon, Mandarina, and Eureka hops during the last 10 minutes of the boil. That’s clear when tasting the beer thanks to big citrus and pine hop aromas and flavor. Toward the beginning of the beer there’s a slight hint of an off metallic note, but fine carbonation washes that away. The bubbles are the type of high carbonation you find in bottles of fancy sparkling water. That helps it stay surprisingly light despite the darker color and 6.2 percent alcohol by volume. At the end of the day when the clock strikes 5 p.m., Pitchfork is a beer that’s more approachable than your typical hop bomb IPA, yet more interesting than your run of the mill pale ale.