Reviewed on 02-21-2019
Rating B+
Style White
Vintage 2016
Sonoma County
North Coast
ABV 13.5%
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Perfect For

All-Day Sipping, Boozy Beach Trips, End of Day Sipping

Drink If You Like

Chardonnay, Marsanne , Pinot Blanc

The Full Review

Hawthorn as a tasting note is a sexy way of saying earthy fish oil (right?), and this wine has a lot of it. It’s not off putting at all, but sets the stage as a sounding board for bracing acidity and high toned aromas of flint and mint with apple-pear vibes. The grapes that makes this wine live on the Sonoma coast, soaking up warm sun and cool fog, resulting in additional notes of ripe pineapple, kiwi and creamy vanilla dosed with coconut. Don’t let the screw cap give you pause or you’ll miss a great wine. They call it Sea Slopes for a reason.