Reviewed on 04-23-2020
Rating B+
Style Red
Vintage 2018
ABV 13.5%
Price $14.00 Value Pick  Buy This Wine

Perfect For

Dinner Parties, Impressing On A Budget, Pizza Night

Drink If You Like

Barbera, Merlot , Pinot Noir

The Full Review

Thinking of having an Italian inspired lunch or dinner with multiple courses and good friends, or maybe just a straight up pizza party? Well, superstar, this is the wine you should buy a few of, nay a case of, to have on hand for all that noise. This wine is Italian, delicious, under $20 and under a screw cap. Need more? It has a juicy punch to the palate with nice tart cherry smells. It has bright acidity (you could even chill it for a cool 30 in the fridge) and is an easy drinking, crowd pleasing wine.