Reviewed on 02-18-2019
Rating B+
Style California Common
Produced In Lewes, Del.
United States
ABV 6.5%
Availability Year Round

Perfect For

Boozy Beach Trips, Brunch Sipping, Happy Hour, Pizza Night

The Full Review

This is one of those beers that's delicious straight from the can, evoking carefree summertime vibes. Immediately fruity and flavorful, with a creamy, yet refreshing texture, it's a 12-ounce time capsule of the beachside paradise you either had or wish you had. A slightly more technical description might be a blonde ale that was a Piña Colada in a past life. Sweet, nutty coconut is pronounced on the roof of the palate, but is not overdone like some coconut beers that taste like sunscreen smells. Bitterness at the edges of the tongue and cheeks assert it is a beer, not a tiki drink. Poured into a glass, Wai Ola is honey-colored and nearly clear with some sediment settling at the bottom. Coconut milk, banana, and floral hop aromas invoke a tropical merengue. If you're looking for smoothie-like tropical paradise with back-to-Earth bitterness, Wai Ola, meaning "water of life," is it. Pair with a ham-and-pineapple Hawaiian pizza, a walk on the beach, or a night on the couch planning your text vacation.