Reviewed on 10-02-2018
Rating A
Style IPA
Produced In Old Towne Orange, California
United States
ABV 7.5%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Happy Hour, Pleasing A Crowd, Taco Tuesday

The Full Review

Upon pouring this beer into a tulip glass, the most notable quality is its clarity. Resplendent orange-gold with a bright citrus aroma, it comes as a bit of a shock that this beer is not hazy, but clear as a California day. Next, its aromas are fresh and herbal—Citra's tropical, citrus essence is encapsulated in your hands, like pressing a freshly plucked hop cone between your palms. On the palate, for a moment, is a hint of sweetness, swiftly recovered with a soft bite of bitterness, like a slice of beguiling pink grapefruit. Welcome to Citra is a juicy treat, no haze necessary.