Reviewed on 04-14-2019
Rating B+
Style Brut IPA, IPA
Produced In San Diego, CA
United States
ABV 7%
Availability Limited

Perfect For

Backyard BBQs, Date Night, Pizza Night

The Full Review

Ballast Point's scientific stab at a Brut IPA is bright gold, mostly clear, and topped with a fizzy white head. Its appearance is vaguely reminiscent of sparkling wine, a characteristic of this style. The aroma jumps from the glass on the table, bursting with ripe cantaloupe and tropical fruit notes. Since this is a "brut" IPA, those aromas are not necessarily reflected in the flavor, which is light, bright, and bitter. It also drinks more like 5 percent ABV than 7 percent ABV — something to keep in mind should you be sessioning your way through a six-pack.