Do I Really Need a Wine Fridge?

Most people are fairly comfortable shelling out for a nice bottle of wine, but a wine fridge? That may take a little convincing.

At VinePair, we believe in the importance of a separate wine fridge — and a beer fridge, and a hard seltzer fridge — but in all seriousness, wine fridges are actually really important for preserving any wine. Different wines call for different means of preservation, so it’s really up to you to make sure you’re picking out the right fridge for your lineup.

For example, if you know that you only drink the fullest-bodied, dry Malbec then you’ll have different storage needs than someone who is looking to store a variety of red and white wines. Throw sparkling into the mix and you may need to look into something else entirely, as the bottle circumference and shape of sparklers may be difficult to store on a more streamlined drawer.

All of these simple, technical factors often get laid to the wayside when people start to think about storing wines. It’s more fun to think about the flavor profiles or nuances that will arrive as your bottles age, but when it comes to picking out the perfect wine fridge you need to hone in on the basics.

The best wine fridge for beginners

Our team knows that it’s best to start out with an entry-level wine fridge when you’re ready to invest in wine storage, and city living can often make this difficult. We trust this fridge to fit all our finest wines — and in any apartment — so it’s a really great choice for first-time buyers.

It also comes with “dual-zones” meaning you can store your bottles at different temperatures, and the top rack has plenty of room for sparkling wine or even magnums. The entire fridge sits at less than three feet tall and boasts a stainless steel frame, so it’s an easy, sleek fridge for any apartment, home, or penthouse.

Best of all, it comes with a one-year warranty so you can rest assured that any of your early wine fridge concerns will be covered. Beyond that, you’ll also receive a five-year warranty on the compressor (so you can lay personal fridge maintenance to rest).

All in all, this is by far the simplest storage option for any budding wine expert and a great present for the most important wine lover in your life.