What Does a Whiskey Decanter Do?

Today, whiskey decanters are essentially the new coffee table book. It’s easy to find one that fits your personal style, whether you’re a dedicated world traveler or even just kind of goth.

For decades, many saw whiskey decanters as a status symbol. Made of glass or crystal, these whiskey gadgets quickly became the ultimate emblem for the ultimate CEO. While we’ll agree that no office is truly complete without one, these days whiskey decanters are truly for the people.

In fact, the major reason most consumers pause before buying their own is simply because they’re not exactly sure what a whiskey decanter does.

Similar to a wine decanter, a whiskey decanter allows oxygen to interact with the whiskey — but not to the same degree that a wine decanter will. Pouring wine from the bottle into a decanter allows the liquid to oxidize, open up, and slip away from pesky sediment. Similarly, pouring your whiskey into a decanter will allow the spirit to interact with oxygen and make it easier for more nuanced aromas to bloom — so you can smell more than just red hot alcohol on that first sniff.

Beyond that, whiskey is much more stable in a decanter than wine. Look for a decanter with a solid stopper and stable bottom to ensure your liquid will stay safe wherever you set it. Of course, always make sure that the bottle is “lead-free” as many lead crystal decanters still remain on the market.

From there, it’s a matter of aesthetics, so try to find the decanter that brings all your Bourbon, Rye, and Irish whiskey dreams to life. At VinePair, we always reach for this whiskey decanter because it’s the perfect mix of reliable whiskey tech and elevated design.

If you’re still looking for that perfect glass (slipper) decanter, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of options below, so read on to find your perfect match.

Glass Skull Decanter

The Best Whiskey Decanter for Whiskey Lovers

While yes, this decanter is extremely dramatic and very eye-catching, it’s rooted in more than aesthetics. Ask yourself “To Be or Not To Be?” As you pour yourself a careful sip of Scotch and rest assured that your whiskey is completely safe and sound. With a rubber sealed stopper and 750 milliliters of storage, this decanter is a practical choice — despite the odds.

Geometric Crystal Spirits Decanter

The Best Modern Whiskey Decanter for Bourbon lovers

If you’re looking for something equally eye-catching, but three hundred years more modern, you can’t go wrong with this whiskey decanter. Made with lead-free crystal, this stunning decanter was crafted with 20 triangular sides and can stand upright or lay safe on its side. Either way, the decanter will cast a gorgeous lightshow from any angle when it catches the 5 o’clock sun, which will bring any imbiber a fun excuse to lift the gem-inspired stopper.

Round Whisky Glasses and Decanter Set

The highest quality whiskey decanter for whiskey lovers

This stunning set is made in Europe, from careful, mouth-blown glass. While the stopper and decanter were designed to keep your spirits safe and protect against oxidation, they’re also a true success in terms of aesthetics alone. Crafted to highlight the warm, rich tones of premium single malts and whiskey blends, each piece holds a heavy glass base, and is entirely dishwasher safe. A natural choice for the most dedicated whisky fan, this set is truly made for showing off.

The Scotsman Classic Decanter and Glasses Set

The best whiskey decanter for nice whiskey

Finally, while we love every decanter on this list, we often reach for this one. Not only does this set capture the telltale feel and ambiance of a classic whiskey decanter, it comes with two beautiful, lead-free, crystal glasses. Each glass holds nine ounces comfortably, while the decanter alone can store 30, making this a reliable set for any whiskey lover.