The Best Bourbon Glasses for Outdoor Drinking

When we talk about the summer of “Backyard Bourbon” we’re not talking about home distilling. Instead, we’re looking ahead to what is sure to be a great year of outdoor dining, drinking, and celebrating on the beach, in the park — and yes, in your very own backyard.

Hosting an outdoor party in your own backyard is something most people are familiar with, but having this much time to prep and plan is a little overwhelming. With many still working from home or having waited months to see friends, you’ll want to put a little extra work into your perfect party.

Whether that means pairing a high-quality bourbon with homemade barbecue or finding the perfect rye to go with your favorite chips, we know a thing or two about serving whiskey with food. Most importantly, we know that the menu at a backyard hang may get a little scrambled, so it’s best to take it as it comes and focus on keeping your bourbon cold — no matter what.

To do so, VinePair suggests the Cooler than Cool whiskey series, which comes in three different styles for spirits. Each glass is shatterproof and made with cutting-edge whiskey tech to ensure your spirits will stay cold through every sip — even if they’re a neck pour.

Below, we’ll explain what makes each of these three styles unique, and why you should have them at your next backyard hang. Of course, if you’re looking for one perfect date night set or to taste through your favorite single malt Scotch, well we’ve got options for those nights too.

For now, keep reading to learn the basics, and why you should have a set of Cooler than Cool glasses on hand for your next backyard party.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Whiskey Glass

The best shatterproof whiskey glass for outdoor drinking.

For many, one of the most important parts of any “backyard glassware” is that it needs to be sturdy, and completely shatterproof. Made with BPA-free plastic, these glasses are sure to stand up to even the slipperiest rib-eating fingers. Plus, the proprietary gel within them will freeze once you pop these glasses into your freezer, so your spirits will stay cold all night.

Best of all, these frosty glasses come with a silicone band encircling them so your bourbon stays cold but your fingers never freeze.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glass

The best bourbon glass for outdoor drinking.

If you’re looking for the shatter-proof, easy-drinking access the former cups provided then you’re in luck. These glasses feature the same proprietary gel that will freeze and keep your spirits cold but arrive in a muted onyx color.

The best thing about this proprietary gel is that it means you can chill your drink without using any ice. This means you’ll be able to sip your spirits cold without ever watering them down, so you’ll be able to truly taste through all the flavors and aromas in every glass.

Cooler than Cool Glacier Whiskey Glass

And last but not least, just in case you weren’t quite sold so far, we saved the frostiest option for last. This cup features everything we love about the rest of the Cooler than Cool series but is made with real glass that makes sipping whiskey even more special.

The silicone band comes in a matte, frosty color and the glass is sure to show off the color of your whiskey when filled. There’s no better way to celebrate a bourbon than by carefully inspecting its aromas, flavors, and color and this glassware is sure to make that easy.