Four Picture Perfect Coupe Glasses

There are few things better than sipping a good Champagne or a well-made cocktail from a coupe glass. These iconic French glasses have a long, storied history (seriously, look it up) and immediately make any drink more glamorous. They successfully meld sexy with elegance, making them a particularly photogenic vessel.

We’ve rounded up four of our favorite coupe glasses that will take your expertly crafted cocktails and bottles of bubbly to the next level. Sit back and watch the Instagram likes pour in.

Copper Rimmed Crystal Coupe Glasses (Set of 2)

The coupe glass belongs on your home bar and this set of two Copper Rimmed Crystal Coupe Glasses are a must-have for anyone who craves a touch of vintage elegance. The copper electroplated rim of these lead-free crystal coupes will make any ordinary day feel like a party. They’ll add a fun flair to your classic Manhattan.

Classic Crystal Cocktail Coupes (Set of Two)

For those who seek a sleek, elegant glass, look no further than these Classic Crystal Cocktail Coupes. These crystal coupes feature perfect clarity coupled with precise lines and angles to create simple, but dramatic glassware. Create a picturesque Aviation that will shine as the coupe draws light through the glass to illuminate the libations within.

Leopold Gold-Rimmed Coupe Glass (Set of 6)

Best Leopold Gold Rimmed Coupe Glass

This set of six Leopold Gold-Rimmed Coupe Glasses is the perfect choice for the social butterfly. Designed for professional bartenders, these glasses are durable enough to withstand even your clumsiest friend and so gorgeous that they’ll impress every time. Add some sophistication to your next group photo and be prepared for endless compliments the next time you’re whipping up a batch of Martinis.

Faceted Crystal Coupe Glasses (Set of 2)

Best Faceted Coupe Glasses

These coupe glasses refuse to sacrifice elegance or beauty. The Faceted Crystal Coupe Glasses are more than just a glass, they’re a work of art on your bar or in your hand. For a truly elevated Gibson, reach for these coupes with a geometric design that turns your cocktail into a reflective light show. These unique glasses are also larger than most coupes out there, making them great for a glass of Cremant on a special occasion— or for transforming an ordinary night into a special occasion.