Never Drink A Warm Beer Again With These Ultra Cool Glasses

Warm beer is for frat parties, and even then, it’s pretty gross. We strongly believe that you should never have to drink another warm beer in your life, even if you forgot to throw a can in the fridge before your workday started. Here is the glassware that will banish warm beer from your life forever.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Pint Glass

We may not always refill our ice cube trays on time, but we always have these in our freezer. The Cooler than Cool Chilled Pint Glass, when frozen for at least two hours, keeps any brew inside perfectly frosty. Thanks to proprietary gel inside the double-walled BPA-free plastic construction, your IPAs, stouts, pilsners, and lagers will be at your perfect temperature for as long as you’re enjoying.

The silicone band acts as insulation and makes the glass easier and comfier to grip throughout the evening. We also love the plastic construction, as it makes our beer more portable—perfect for campfire beers, shower beers, hot tub beers, and more. Just give the glasses a quick hand wash and dry at the end of the evening, then pop them back into the freezer for the next time you’re ready to enjoy a cold brewski. It could not be easier!

Frosty Beer Glass

If your beer experience isn’t complete without a pint glass that’s actually made of glass, you’ll love the Frosty Beer Glass. Featuring the same gel technology as the Cooler than Cool Chilled Pint Glass but in an extremely elegant, classic glass construction, just pop it in the freezer a few hours before you’re ready to enjoy and your drink will stay cold all night long. Cheers to a perfectly chilled beer!