How to Keep Irish Whiskey Cold Without Using Ice Cubes

When it comes to whiskey, fans have found a number of chic, innovative ways to keep the spirit cold. Whether that means crafting specialty, clear ice at home or relying on the perfect set of stainless steel whiskey cubes, it only makes sense to chill your glass in style.

When it comes to Irish Whiskey, this is especially important. Whether you’re enjoying a blend or single malt, the category is quickly growing to rival traditional Scotch and is often enjoyed straight or on the rocks — though fans of the famed Irish Coffee may beg to differ.

Best Glass Chilled Whiskey Glasses

These glasses are beloved by all who want to enjoy their whiskey cold without diluting it with ice, and once you give them a try they’ll probably find a permanent residency in your freezer. The proprietary gel inside each glass quickly freezes, so you can take them out, pour a drink, and relax with a perfectly frosty glass each time.

A silicone band encircles the outside of the glass to keep your fingers safe while the spirit chills, and each glass holds up to nine ounces — but who’s counting? Best of all, the set comes with two glasses so you can enjoy with a friend, or keep a backup chilling while you enjoy your first pour.