How to Make a Charcuterie Board Anywhere

As winter snaps into spring, many are wondering how they can move all their party plans outdoors. For some, that means hosting the backyard barbecue of their dreams, but for others, it’s all about getting the perfect picnic park-ready. No matter what you’ve got planned for this new season of sunny weather we’ve got all the tips you’ll need to serve all your favorite snacks — with or without a table.

Nothing rounds out a picnic better than a perfect board. Vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores can all convene here to find the easiest way to elevate their outdoor serves — whether that means stacking some quick pickled carrots or carving into a pepper-crusted salami. With these hints, packing for the picnic will be as easy as digging in.

The main issue most outdoor diners run into is less a lack of snacks, and more a need for the right cutlery and tools. Tupperware may be an easy way to get your pigs n’ a blanket to the park, but it’s not going to impress your date.

To ensure you’re serving up a proper feast for the eyes, try to find the right tools to cut your finger food into snack-size bites. From there, you’ll also want to make sure your guests are reaching for those bites from a proper tray, so make sure to find a nice clean surface you can use for serving.

No one wants to worry about breakage when they’re throwing their picnic gear into a bag so we’ve compiled a quick list of our favorite commute-safe, elevated outdoor tools for serving charcuterie on the go.

Read on to learn how to serve a perfect board anywhere.

Charcuterie Wine Board

The best cutting board for charcuterie.

First things first, to serve charcuterie (or assemble a “board”) you’re going to need a cutting board. The easiest options will always be made of wood, which is the perfect material to toss in your backpack before you head to the park because it’s super sturdy. Wood will also stay cool in direct sun longer than traditional camp-safe metal gear.

This cutting board is especially fun because it has a spot for your wine glass built-in, making it the perfect indoor or outdoor entertaining solution. Handmade and finished in a food-safe oil, this cutting board is sure to stand up to the picnic challenge.

Soft Cheese Knife

The best soft cheese knife.

As mentioned, picnics are all about finger food. That being said, it may take you a second to chop all your snacks up into perfect bite-size portions, and that’s where the right knife can come in handy. For those that don’t know, yes, there is a difference between hard and soft cheese knives.

This knife features perforated holes within the blade so soft cheeses won’t stick to it when you slice in, making it the perfect option for your favorite triple-creme brie. Made with acacia wood and stainless steel, this cheese knife will simplify your picnic toolkit, and impress any softie.

Hard Cheese Knife

The best hard cheese knife.

Of course, for every soft cheese knife, there’s a great option for hard cheese. This knife is specially made for slicing into hard cheese with a blade that’s tough enough to handle anything, and a strong acacia wooden handle you can count on.

Plus, the blade ends with a sharp pronged tip that makes handing over a piece of cheese super easy. Simply slice in and watch this knife glide through your densest gouda, then use the fork-prong tip to serve a cube to your guest.

Acacia Wood Cheese Board

The best cutting board for charcuterie.

At VinePair, we always reach for this cutting board, and it’s a super reliable tool for serving charcuterie at home or on the go. Crafted with smooth acacia wood, this board also features stainless steel handles, making it the perfect accent piece on any table — or picnic blanket.

At just 9.6” long, this board is the perfect size to take on the go, but also big enough to handle a full stack of all your favorite berries, pickles, nuts, cheeses, or meats. Equipped with this, your charcuterie plans will remain endlessly customizable, and as Insta-worthy as they are delicious.