Here’s How To Get A Free Reusable VinePair Tote Bag

Nothing says I’m “going green” like the perfect tote bag. Our own VinePair tote is a great way for drinks insiders to show off their know-how, and skip the plastic bag when they’re picking up wine, cocktail ingredients, or a six-pack.

So if you’re still searching for a bag you can truly bring everywhere, you’re in luck — because we’re offering up our favorite tote for free.

Simply attend three Sustainability Week sessions to secure the bag. Each will be hosted on VinePair, and you can find the full schedule here.

These sessions are all a part of VinePair’s Sustainability Week, which we’re celebrating with a digital drinks festival to connect drinks enthusiasts all across the country. All week, viewers will have the chance to learn about everything from winemaking to food-pairing, all through a sustainable lens.

Reputable hosts will hold specialized panels to discuss the future of wine, and teach listeners about the best — sustainable — styles they should be looking out for.

So pour yourself a glass and get ready to listen up, because you’ll likely leave with several new wines to find in your favorite wine shop. Let’s just hope you can fit them all in your tote!