This Special Decanter Opens Up Wine Faster Than Any Other Decanter

Dinner is served and you’re stuck fumbling around with some fancy decanter. Instead of watching your boeuf bourguignon get cold while you wait for a bottle of Burgundy to open up properly, invest in a tool once and for all that does the trick faster than you can ask “red or white”?

This wine breather decanter is the fastest decanter on the market

Timing is of the essence with this crystal wine breather decanter, which takes less than two minutes to work its magic — faster than any other decanter on the market — evaporating acidity and bitterness and allowing taste and aroma to fully develop. The breather allows in the oxygen needed to open up a wine and the decanter holds the flavor for the duration of the meal — without all the waiting.

Not to be outdone by its efficiency, the beautiful lead-free crystal vessel holds up to 48 oz. and will look at home on any tablescape.

VinePair Breather Wine Decanter

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