Use This One Quick Hack to Elevate Any Gin and Tonic

When it comes to highballs, nothing hits quite like a Gin and Tonic. Mixing one up is easy and there’s no recipe quite as simple as the classic G&T, but when it comes to choosing glassware you’ll need to be careful.

You should always avoid serving an ice-cold Gin and Tonic in anything but crystal, but even the finest collins glass may not deliver every nuance in this cocktail. That’s why we found this set of crystal Gin & Tonic glasses, and haven’t looked back since.

Once you serve your friends a G&T in one of these glasses you’ll see what we mean. They’re specially designed to enhance the aromas of a Gin and Tonic, as the bowl curves all the flavors up to the wide mouth opening. The bowl is also large enough to hold a wealth of ice — crushed or cubed — and sits on a generous crystal stem.

If that wasn’t enough, these mod, faceted glasses can easily be used for your favorite spritz and will bring plenty of fun to your next aperitivo hour. Snatch them up before they sell out and start working on your garnish game, because you’re going to want to entertain with these glasses.