There are few pleasures as spectacular or as personal as the enjoyment of wine. Sure, you can probably find a bottle of something that the wine-lover in your life will enjoy, but if you don’t feel like going on that sometimes expensive and always headache-inducing journey—“Did Alice say her favorite was Burgundy, or was that Bordeaux?—these accessories are perfect for anyone with a passion for wine. No headache required.

The Somm Watch Collection – $96.97 (originally $120)

Analog Somm Series Wine Watch

Wine is all about craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and a bit of show-off-able beauty. So are these sleek, wine-inspired watches – the bands are made from cork and stained with wine. A gorgeous and unexpected gift for anyone who loves wine, or who just likes looking like they appreciate the finer things. We only discount this item on Black Friday, so now is the time to grab yours.

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Handmade Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster – $33.97 (originally $49)

Ceramic Wine Bottle Coaster

These Ceramic Wine Bottle Coasters—which can hold the base of a standard Bordeaux-style, Burgundy-style or sparkling wine bottle—are a chic way to avoid stains on your table. They come in five gorgeous colors and are hand thrown in New York by one of our favorite potters.

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Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 4) -$31.97 (originally $45)

Spiegelau Universal Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

It’s nice to match your glasses to whichever wine you happen to be drinking, but do you know what’s even nicer? Having a timeless, crystal, dishwasher-safe set of glasses that will beautifully showcase every wine.

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Dauville Ice & Champagne Bucket – $73.97 (originally $105)

Dauville Champagne and Ice Bucket

While we don’t think wine needs to be saved for special occasions, we do think this Champagne and ice bucket will make any wine-drinking experience feel even more like a special occasion with its sleek white, and gold accents. We only discount this bucket on Black Friday, so now is your chance!

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Bring Me Wine Socks – $10.97 (originally $16)

Bring Me Wine Socks

These Bring Me Wine Socks are cozy, cheeky, and practical. Good for a laugh, and for an occasional glass of wine being brought to you without you having to ask (because the socks asked for you).

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The Expert’s Leather Wine Log – $36.97 (originally $53)

The Expert's Wine Tasting Journal

Sure, you can find wine journals many places. This Expert’s Wine Journal, though, has beautiful raw construction, a handcrafted leather cover, and fields to document all the important information, including the label. The perfect gift for those hoping to do a deeper dive into wine, and possibly start a wine career.

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Wine Breather Decanter – $59.97 (originally $85)

Wine Breather Aerating Decanter

Much like we need a hot coffee to fully be awake, wine needs a steady hit of oxygen in order to fully release its flavors and aromas. If you’re short on time, this Wine Breather Decanter is the most beautiful and efficient way to present your wine at its peak in under two minutes.

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Cooler Than Cool Chilled Wine Glasses (Set of 2) – $22.97 (originally $33)

Cooler Than Cool Chilled Wine Glass(Set of 2)

There’s nothing worse than drinking warm wine. Look out for yourself/your wine-loving friends by grabbing a set or two of these chilled glasses, which feature a proprietary gel blend to keep the wine cold, and a silicone band so your hands aren’t chilled along with your wine.

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Italesse Universal Red Wine Glass (Set of 6)  – $66.97 (originally $96)

Italesse Red Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

We discovered these Italesse Red Wine Glasses on a trip to Italy and were immediately smitten. We were even more smitten when we realized how durable—and dishwasher-safe!—they were. We guarantee that you will be just as smitten when you enjoy your favorite red wine from them.

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