If you’re a straight whiskey kind of drinker, here are some simple ways to enhance your sipping experience—we know you like simplicity, so everything is going to be simply and beautifully designed, and will only make your booze experience better.

The Speakeasy Rocks Glass (Set of 4) – $54.97 (originally $78)

Speakeasy Rocks Glasses

It’s not that we want to be Don Draper (let’s face it, he was kind of a messed-up guy), but feeling like Don Draper, especially while polishing off an Old- Fashioned, is pretty cool. This art deco inspired Speakeasy Rocks Glass Set is just the way to do it—sip your beverage of choice with some Mad Men gravitas.

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Liquid Body Flask – $49.97 (originally $71)

Liquid Body Flask Black

It’s not that the flask that you already have is wrong, but did your flask win the 2014 best product design award at the New York Now design festival? No? Well, give this Liquid Body Flask a shot then. Designed by The Principals, each one is slightly different, thanks to a process called hydroforming (think steel + welding + water pressure). You’ll look uber cool pulling it out for a swig.

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The Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glass Set – $40.97 (originally $59)

Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses

Perfect for the history nerd in your life, these Hero/Rebel Double Rocks Glasses each represent an iconic figure from America’s Revolutionary period. Hero = George Washington, Rebel = Thomas Jefferson, Philosopher = Benjamin Franklin, Diplomat = John Adams. Bonus: they were manufactured and sand-etched in the US of A and made in partnership with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Also, they’re dishwasher safe!

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Geometric Crystal Spirits Decanter – $31.97 (originally $46)

This eye-catching Geometric Crystal Decanter has twenty triangular sides, meaning it’s a low-tech light show in a bottle. Rest it upright or on its side and let it show off the hue of your favorite spirits.

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Spiegelau Bourbon Tasting Glass (Set of 4) – $38.97 (originally $55)

Bourbon Tasting Glasses

If you’re a Bourbon lover, you need these Bourbon Tasting Glasses. Period. They were specifically designed to enhance Bourbon’s signature flavors, and just to make sure, we tried the same bourbon side by side in one of these glasses, next to a standard rocks glass. These won, no contest.

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Crystal Scotch Glass (Set of 2) – $19.97 (originally $29)

Crystal Scotch Glasses

We get it, you take your Scotch seriously. You sip slowly, contemplating its aromas. Well, these Crystal Scotch Glasses were designed to amplify those aromas—the angled sides and curved bottom gently lift those volatile aromatics straight to your sniffer. These glasses are also great for appreciating a well-crafted aged tequila.

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Vintage Crystal Spirits Decanter – $33.97 (originally $48)

Vintage Spirits Decanter

If you’re more of a “I want my decanter to look like I took a time machine to the 1800s and stole it from Rockefellers,” this Vintage Crystal Spirits Decanter is the one for you. Instantly elevate the whiskey of your choosing with its refined splendor.

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Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glass (Set of 4) – $21.97 (originally $32)

Silver Rimmed Double Rocks Glasses

These elegant and durable Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glasses bring an extra spark of elegance to whatever you’d like to drink in them. These are another one whose beauty could fool you—while they’re simple, gorgeous, and look like they’d be delicate, they were designed for top cocktail bars and will grace your bar for years.

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