Give Your Wine Bottles the Home They Deserve With These Storage Solutions

Wine is special. It deserves a special place as storage, even if the time between purchase and consumption is minimal. Here are our favorite ways to store our best bottles, from the weeknight wonders to the treasured, age-worthy bottles.

Mid-Century Modern Gold Metal Wine Rack

Wine is meant to be enjoyed, and having it nearby makes it all the easier to enjoy. The Mid-Century Modern Gold Metal Wine Rack gives your everyday wine storage a chic, modern appearance and is the perfect size for any counter or tabletop. The gold-plated stainless steel construction is sturdy without being heavy and holds six bottles. Even if your weeknight bottles are two buck chuck, they’ll look extremely fancy when stored in this rack.

Stackable Countertop Wine Rack

Best Stackable Wine Rack

Buying a wine rack can be tricky. You don’t want it to be too big, but you want to give yourself room to grow your collection. That’s why the Stackable Countertop Wine Rack makes so much sense. Each rack holds 4 bottles, and you can leave it at that as a countertop wine rack, but because it’s stackable, your rack can grow as your collection does. It’s also great for utilizing those small bits of space—think under cabinets, on bookshelves, etc. And, the clean metal construction makes it ideal for the minimalist with an eye for modern design.

Lattice Cube Wine Rack

Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more eye-catching. Meet the Lattice Cube Wine Rack. Crafted from durable acacia wood, this piece holds eight bottles and can be stored on the floor or on a countertop. It’s also stackable, meaning you can seamlessly grow your wine storage as you’re growing your collection.

The Grand Reserve Dual-Zone Wine Fridge (46 Bottle)

Best Wine Fridge

Learn from our mistakes. Skip trying to store special bottles in your fridge or in a flimsy “bargain” wine fridge that’s basically a box with a fan. It’s not a bargain if it doesn’t work properly!

If you’re buying age-worthy bottles, it’s important to have storage conditions worthy of those treasured wines. That means humidity and temperature need to be consistent, making your refrigerator totally wrong for the job—it’s meant to keep humidity out, whereas your bottles need extra humidity. The best fridge we’ve found for the job is the Grand Reserve Dual-Zone Wine Fridge, which holds 46 bottles (i.e. almost 4 cases) between 41 and 66 degrees. Every detail is covered — for instance, it holds the widest range of bottle shapes and it comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and 5 years on the compressor. It can be free-standing or recessed into cabinetry. This is the real deal.

If you’re investing in wine for your future self to enjoy, you owe it to ensure that your future self’s wine isn’t compromised. This is the fridge you need.