Every Table Needs A Wine Bottle Coaster

You’ve found the perfect crystal wine glasses. The linen tablecloth was woven by artisans in the Hudson Valley. The wine was made biodynamically by a father-daughter team in Piedmont. The menu was lovingly crafted using recipes by your favorite food writers. The produce for the evening all came from the farmer’s market, and the beans for the espresso that will end the evening are from the roaster around the corner.

When you’ve put all that work and care into a lovely evening, why end it with a mess on your tablecloth from where the wine bottle was sitting?

Best Wine Bottle Coaster
These ceramic wine bottle coasters are available in multiple colors, including metallic black and blue rutile.

This collection of beautiful ceramic wine coasters, made by one of our favorite potters in New York state, will gracefully adorn your table while keeping stains away. Each coaster can hold the base of a standard Bordeaux-style, Burgundy-style or sparkling wine bottle, plus they’re dishwasher safe. Each is as beautiful as it is practical, and once you add it to your arsenal, you’ll be shocked that you lived without it for so long. It also makes a thoughtful host gift for a socially distanced dinner party.

Let the memories of each beautiful dinner stay in your mind and on your Instagram feed—no need to document it with drips from the evening’s open wine bottles. Stains from a spilled wine glass tell a story; drips from an open bottle say, “I should have gotten a wine bottle coaster.”

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