This Adjustable Aerator Will Decant Wine in Minutes

Good wine takes time. The grapes must be at peak ripeness, ideally coming from mature vines with smaller, more flavorful yields. Hand harvesting, the best way to ensure quality, is much slower than harvesting with a machine. The grapes must be pressed, fermented, aged, bottled, perhaps aged again. Then it makes its journey to its final destination.

By the time it’s ready to be opened around your dinner table, you’ve waited long enough.

Younger wines especially can be tightly wound—without any equipment, they can take two to four hours to open up.

And sure, you could sit reverently around a decanter for hours while the wine opens up. For an elegant evening at home with a long-cooked dish, it may even add to the sense of grandeur. As you’re stirring your truffle risotto, you can glance longingly at the wine, anticipating its final beauty. Swirl the decanter, wait again. How poetic.

But, not every dinner requires longing and pageantry. Sometimes, you just need a delicious bottle of wine to serve on a Wednesday night with a BLT or takeout tacos. For that sort of occasion (i.e. most of them), pull out The Adjustable Wine Aerator, which does the same work as a decanter in just minutes.

This is the best handheld wine aerator
The adjustable aerator is fast and easy to use.

Unlike many other aerators, this one uses integrated aeration intake which keeps the nuisance of tubes out of your wine and keeping the process utterly simple. More importantly, that means that there’s no wine dribbling out the side and onto your hand or table. Just set the aerator anywhere from zero to six hours, pour your wine into the aerator perched over a wine glass, and prepare to drink wine at its peak.

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