Every Bourbon Lover Should Have This Whiskey Aging Kit

What does it mean to collect whiskey? It means deep dives into Facebook groups for special releases, scouring your local shops for store barrel picks, and getting creative in your storage setup to showcase the rare and casual sippers you’ve picked up along the way. But what do you do in-between those big rollouts? Maybe you’re ready to shake things up?

Now, loving whiskey isn’t limited to a transaction. With this Barrel-less Aging Kit, you can add your own personal touch to your next bottle of whiskey from the comfort of your own home.

There are many kits and barrels on the market, but this one blew us away because it’s honestly the easiest to use. All you have to do is attach one of the charred oak rods to the stopper and then insert the stopper into your bottle of whiskey. Because the aging is anchored in the pourable spout, which stays in the bottle, you don’t need to worry about straining any loose oak chips out or clearing the space for a barrel in your kitchen. This also means you can effortlessly pour a quick taste to see how the process is going as time passes.

Best Whiskey Aging Kit At Home

We recommend using this kit for younger whiskies and bourbons, especially if you prefer a bigger and bolder spirit. After just a week, you’ll see a difference as the oak begins to impart those striking characteristics pretty quickly. After six weeks, you’ll be blown away by how much it changes the spirit into something completely new and unique.

The kit is also great for other spirits that could gain a little more dimension from a touch of oak, such as blanco tequila, white rum, and even gin. You’ll be surprised how it brings a whole new depth to your favorite cocktails (especially in winter).

Basically, it’s the perfect gift for the whiskey lover who has it all, but we wouldn’t recommend gifting one without also getting one for yourself. After all, the best part about whiskey is trying new things with the ones you love.