All Of The Drinks Tools You Need For Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual happy hour is here again. It may not be quite as happy as an in-person happy hour, but it’s a nice way to stay connected with the folks that you wish you could be spending time with IRL.

Maybe this is one of those geeky happy hours where you all drink the same thing or the same style of thing and analyze it together, with precise tasting notes. Maybe it’s the old-fashioned kind of happy hour where everyone drinks whatever they darn well please. Either way, these drink tools have you ready for whatever today’s happy hour has to offer.


The Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass was designed by a panel of master brewers to enhance the aromas and flavors of whichever beer is inside. It’s the perfect glass for the beer lover who loves it all. Trying a new red ale from Iceland? A dank new IPA from Jamaica? A new light porter from Mexico? Whatever it is, the 15.5 ounce Spiegelau Universal Tulip Beer Glass will show it off perfectly. Bonus: it’s even dishwasher safe.

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Best Sturdy Universal Wine Glasses
Some wine drinkers are strict about only drinking their Burgundy from Burgundy glasses and their Champagne from flutes. We’re more of the mindset that you need one great set of wine glasses for all your wine needs, whether you’re drinking Riesling or Rkatsiteli. After many rounds of testing (for science!), we’ve found these Universal Wine Glasses to be perfect for whatever your wine needs of the evening are. They’re versatile, they’re lovely, they’re dishwasher safe.

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Best Copper Barware Set

Whether you can throw together a Rob Roy on command or are still trying to master a martini, The Copper Cocktail Set has you covered. Comprised of a mixing glass, Hawthorne Strainer, double jigger, and weighted bar spoon, this commercial-grade set ensures that you’re ready for whatever new cocktail your wannabe mixologist friends mandate that you all drink together over Zoom tonight. The copper finish makes the set feel upscale and extra-special.

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Best Faceted Stemless Martini Glasses (Set of 2)
The geometric Faceted Martini Glass keeps your cocktail game modern and unique. The gem-inspired design catches the light, keeping the visuals interesting (even if the cocktail inside is less so) and the footed base gives it a modern take. It’s just the refresh that your at-home cocktail game needs.

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