The Best Wine Glasses for Clumsy People

Spilling a glass of red wine at a party is like finding a rogue sock in the laundry: there’s always one. And while we all know that wine is a terrible, terrible thing to waste, often the biggest heartbreaker is losing yet another glass to the night.

Rotating stemless wine glasses

Luckily, there are wine glasses out there made especially for the special someone in your life with two left hands. For about the same cost as getting your wine-stained sweater dry-cleaned, this set of two rotating crystal wine glasses are as eye-catching as they are practical. The rolling base not only enhances aeration, but also puts physics on your side by removing the wine glass danger zone altogether: the stem.

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Gold stainless steel stemless wine glasses

For a more festive look that’s perfect for the holidays and perfect for that friend who always ends up wearing their wine, you can grab a set of two stainless-steel stemless wine glasses plated with polished gold. It’s not just all about looks either: these metal tumblers actually intensify the aromas inside the glass, making the imbibing experience even more enjoyable.

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Recycled wine bottle tumbler

Last but not least, this set of four recycled wine bottle tumblers are as unique as they are durable. The perfect pop of color for any tablescape, these green wine bottles get a second life as dishwasher safe 12 oz. glasses. Not only will you be doing your part to recycle old bottles by using these vintage-looking finds, but with thicker sides and no stem you can say goodbye to the days of wasting wine to needless spills.

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