5 Glasses For Your “Friend” Who’s A Little Sassy

If you clicked on this, you know who you are. You’re always the center of attention, have your selfie perfected, and you don’t even need a filter to show your glow. You like to surround yourself with trinkets and gadgets that showcase your vibrant personality. And of course, you’re ready to completely upgrade your glassware game. Your friends better hold on tight.

Boss Babe Wine Glass

Best Boss Babe Wine Glass
People likely already know that you’re the boss when they look at you. For those who don’t catch on right away, give them the hint with this sassy wine glass proclaiming you “Boss Babe.” It’s 12 oz, dishwasher safe, and ensures that those around you will keep your glass full.
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Member of the Cocktail Party Glass

Best Humor Cocktail Glass
There’s a lot to be said about the state of our political parties, but we’d prefer to keep the conversation around cocktail parties. You, of course, are a card-carrying member of the cocktail party and this clever dishwasher-safe glass will clearly identify you to the other party members. Time to get red, white, and boozy!
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Rosé Stemless Champagne Flute

Best Humor Champagne Flute
If you’re more in the rosé all day set, we’ve got the perfect Champagne flute for you. Featuring the message “Sip sip rosé,” this pink dishwasher safe glass makes your summer priorities clear. Just keep sipping!
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Yes Way Rosé Stemless Wine Glass

Best Yes Way Rosé Glass
Another day, another rosé! This dishwasher safe glass, which can hold 12 oz of wine, proclaims “Yes Way Rosé” so your glass is always filled with the pink stuff.
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Mermaid Off Duty Stemless Wine Glass

Best Mermaid Off Duty Glass
“There’s something about them,” everyone thinks when they look at you. Well, of course, there is! You’re a mermaid, for goodness sake!

Let the world know with this dishwasher safe “Mermaid Off Duty” glass that will get your summer going on the right flipper. You are magical, why shouldn’t your wine drinking experience be the same?
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