5 of Our Favorite Rocks Glasses for Everyday Bourbon Sipping

There’s nothing like a cold glass of bourbon at the end of a long day. Its smooth vanilla charm simply never fails us.

Bourbon is not just bourbon. It’s a hobby and a passion, comforting, and mind-expanding. It’s refined but accessible. It has sweet, satisfying flavors like brown sugar, vanilla, and caramel without being cloying. There’s no day that can’t be bettered with bourbon.

At the end of the day, you’ll almost always find us enjoying a bourbon. After drinking our way through many a bottle from many a rocks glass, we’ve finally narrowed it down to the best of the best. Here’s what we love to sip our Woodford, Four Roses, Blanton’s, and Jim Beam out of.

Crystal Cactus Tumblers

Best Tequila Cactus Tumblers (Set of 2)
For a glass that’s simple and crowd-pleasing go with the Crystal Cactus Tumblers. Crafted from lead-free crystal, these glasses catch the light from the cactus-inspired base as effortlessly as they convey your good taste. They’re elegant, beautiful, and add an extra touch of class to your bar. Whether you’re drinking a $20 bottle or a $200 bottle, these glasses are the perfect finishing touch to a neat pour, a dram on the rocks, or even an Old Fashioned or Boulevardier.

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Speakeasy Rocks Glasses

Best Whiskey Speakeasy Rocks Glasses
For more Don Draper vibes, we love The Speakeasy Rocks Glasses. These retro beauties feature a stunning Art-Deco-inspired etched pattern, and also happen to be dishwasher safe. The German glass is diamond wheel cut and polished in Western Pennsylvania for eye-catching barware that’s as sturdy as it is luxurious. Your friends will think you found these at some fancy antique shop (and we won’t let them in on your secret).

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Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glasses

Maybe you’re looking for something that makes it feel like you’re at one of New York City’s luxe bars. The Silver Trim Danuta Double Rocks Glasses were designed for top cocktail bars, so they’re just as balanced and durable as they are gorgeous. Whether it’s been a terrible day and you need a mood boost or it’s a special occasion and you’d like to celebrate in style, these elegant glasses are exactly what is called for. Honestly, we sometimes just drink water out of them to feel a little fancy.

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Highland Whisky Glasses

Best Highland Whiskey Glasses
If you’re a traditionalist, look no further than the Highland Whisky Glasses. These brilliant-cut tumblers are substantial and made with lead-free crystal, without being obnoxiously heavy. Each glass in the set is unique, however, together they act in perfect harmony. They’re perfect for lounging after dinner with a pour of your favorite whiskey and good company.

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Cooler Than Cool Smoked Whiskey Glasses

Best Chill Whiskey Glass
As a true bourbon lover, you likely know your preferred dilution ratio. Don’t let warm or watered-down bourbon ruin your evening—these BPA-free glasses will forevermore have your back. Simply pop the Cooler Than Cool Smoked Whiskey Glasses into the freezer at least two hours before you’d like to start enjoying, then pull them out when you’re ready. In fact, we always keep a couple in our freezer so we’re ready for a nightcap. The proprietary gel inside the sleek grey glasses keeps the contents frosty for as long as you’re enjoying them. A silicone band acts as insulation and makes the glass easier to grip. Bring them to the pool, on picnics, and anytime you want to enjoy your bourbon at the perfect temperature.

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