These Are The Best Pilsner Glasses

You care about what your drink wine out of. You wouldn’t serve a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon in a Champagne flute. And you wouldn’t let your Sancerre warm up in the bulbous bowl of a giant Burgundy glass. It’s time your beer gets the same treatment!

Thankfully the legendary glassmakers at Spiegelau are here for you. They’ve been at this game for more than 500 years. European royalty have sipped from their stemware. They teamed up with top craft brewers from the US to give a similar royal treatment to your favorite brews.

Best Craft Pilsner Beer Glasses
These glasses were designed to specifically enhance your favorite craft pilsners.

The shape of this craft pilsner glass is designed to help release the delicate hops aromas of your favorite pilsners. It provides the ideal balance between bitter and residual sweetness to deliver pure refreshment and inspire you to enjoy sip after sip. Best of all, it’s got a dainty base to limit the transfer of heat from your hand to your beer. After trying these, we can’t have a pilsner out of anything else.

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