These Are The Best Glasses For Manhattans

Any martini lover can tell you that an iconic drink deserves its own dedicated glassware. If you’re a Manhattan lover, the wait for the ultimate glassware is over—these glasses were designed specifically with your favorite cocktail in mind (though they’ll also be great for folks who just love a great cocktail in general).

This lead-free crystal, dishwasher safe set of Manhattan Cocktail Glasses was specially designed to hold your favorite whiskey cocktail. The heavy base ensures the glass won’t tip. The angled bowl design allows for the fullness of the flavor to hit your palate exactly right. You’ll be amazed at how much more aroma you get from just one sip out of these glasses, which look like something that Don Draper would have enjoyed a cocktail or two from.

Best Manhattan Cocktail Glass

And, while the set was designed for Manhattans, these glasses will enhance anything spirit-forward cocktail you prefer, whether it’s a martini, old-fashioned, or your in-house specialty that your friends keep begging you to share the recipe of via a Zoom tutorial. Whatever you’re drinking, the Manhattan cocktail glasses will keep it flavorful and elegant all night long.

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