Make Your Wine Corks Part of Your Home Decor With These Unique Cork Holders

We’ve all been developing our own sizable cork collections in the past year. Instead of throwing away that little memento from a great bottle of wine or hoarding an ever-growing pile of corks for a DIY project you’ll never do, why not put them on display? These are some of our favorite cork holders to incorporate wine corks into your home decor and to keep your memories nearby.

These cork holders are all cleverly crafted from metal, with whimsical accents, and a soft patina finish that gives a fanciful flair. They each feature a hinged, latched door to provide easy access to add or remove corks.

Pineapple Wine Cork Holder

A pineapple in the home is said to bring good fortune so what better vessel for your precious wine corks than this Pineapple Wine Cork Holder that will give them an adorable home and bring you luck? The cage is dotted with green glass to create a bright, cheerful accent piece that will give your home a tropical vibe.

Corks of the World Wine Cork Holder

This worldly cork holder feels like it belongs in a study surrounded by leather-bound books and pipe smoke. But if your home is a bit more casual, the Corks of the World Wine Cork Holder will add a studious touch to any space. It’s both fun and elegant, plus the globe actually spins!

Watering Can Wine Cork Holder

If you’re looking for something less serious, look no further than this whimsical Watering Can Wine Cork Holder. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who has ever sipped a glass of wine while tending to their garden or anyone who just loves light-hearted decor.

Windmill Wine Cork Holder

This Windmill Wine Cork Holder is yet another whimsical piece that brings with it a rustic feel and a sense of nostalgia. The vintage design will make a playful addition to your home or a perfect gift. The decorative windmill even rotates.

“Wine” Wine Cork Holder

This bold statement piece is straightforward and stylish. The “Wine” Wine Cork Holder is simple enough to match the aesthetic of any room while still making a dramatic, eye-catching addition. Easily add cork through the hidden door in the “W” to showcase your personal collection.