This Geometric Barware Will Turn Your Home Bar Into A Boozy Jewelry Box

How you set up and fill your bar can completely amplify the aesthetic of your home. We prefer to include pieces that can produce a statement in a subtle way. This is exactly why we like to incorporate geometric and gem-inspired decanters or glasses to our dining tables for their way to add a pinch of contemporary styling while not looking too over the top. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorites.

Geometric Crystal Wine Decanter

The specially crafted angles of this lead-free crystal decanter cause light to pass through your vino at multiple angles, causing the beams to refract onto your table creating a ruby-colored light show, especially with medium-bodied red wines and fuller-bodied white wines.

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Geometric Drinks Rocks (Set of 4)

geometric drink stones is the perfect gift for parents and in laws
While these don’t quite look like a gemstone, these geometric drinks rocks are made from soapstone and marble to help naturally keep your drink cooler than stainless steel. They also serve as mini sculptures when resting on your home bar.

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Geometric Crystal Spirits Decanter

With its twenty triangular sides, this geometric liquor decanter creates a stunning and dramatic light show on your table, reflecting the rich color of your favorite spirits. It’s made with lead-free crystal, ensuring your favorite bourbon or tequilas aren’t tainted by lead found in some other decanters.

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Faceted Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Splitting off a star shaped base, these faceted wine glasses add a little flair to your weeknight glass of wine.

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Gold Faceted Cocktail Shaker

This gold-plated cocktail shaker is just screaming to be used in your next batch of Whiskey Sours. Plus, its See The Shaker Now!

Diamonds Are Forever Ice Cube Tray

These diamond shaped ice molds are ideal for using in cocktails like the Old Fashioned, or for serving your favorite spirit straight. They’re an instant conversation starter, and big enough that they won’t dilute your drink.

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Faceted Copper Moscow Mule Mug

The gem-inspired construction of this mug makes it comfortable to hold, plus, the inside of the mug is made of stainless steel, which removes the possibility of copper leaching into your drink if you used lime or lemon juice as an ingredient.

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