The Best Drinkware For Sipping By The Pool

As far as we’re concerned, it’s not really summer if you’re not constantly sipping your favorite beverage by a pool or next to a body of water. It’s the dream, the epitome of easy summer living.

But, like so many other dreams, reality can all too quickly set in. Glass near the pool or on the boat is a major no-no, so your drinkware should be shatter or break-resistant. Plus, our favorite summer drinks warm-up before we’re done, with the ice melting so rapidly that that perfectly-crafted cocktail is now just the fleeting memory of a Negroni. You deserve better.

Here is the drinkware you need to live the summer dream of enjoying an IPA or Pinot Grigio, without millions of glass shards covering the ground when someone gets a little too excited.

Cooler than Cool Chilled Pint Glass

Best Chilled Pint Glass

While the optimal serving temperature for most beers is probably a little warmer than most of us drink them, the pleasure of a frosty beer on a hot day can’t be beaten.

That’s why we drink all our summer beers out of the Cooler than Cool Chilled Pint Glass, which keeps all 16 oz of whatever’s in your glass at the proper chilly temperature. Simply throw it in the freezer ahead of time, then when you take it out, the proprietary gel inside the BPA-free plastic glass will do the rest of the work. The silicone band makes for comfortable holding without letting your hand warm up the glass. Warm beer, begone!

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Cactus Drink Tumbler

Best Cactus Tumbler

If you’re plotting your pool cocktail TikTok or Instagram post, you’ll obviously need a fun, colorful vessel from which to drink like the pool celebrity that you are. This Cactus Drink Tumbler, made from BPA free plastic, is it. Fill it with 16 oz of your favorite liquid and take it wherever your presence is requested. Sip from that cute pink reusable straw and let the cameras capture your magnificence.

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Cooler than Cool Chilled Wine Glass

Best Chill Wine Glass

When you bring your white wine or gluggable reds outside, it’s important that they stay chilly. That’s why we’re obsessed with these Cooler than Cool Chilled Wine Glasses. Keep them in the freezer so they’re ready when the moment strikes, then the proprietary gel inside the BPA-free glass will keep your Sauvignon Blanc or Beaujolais cold for as long as you’re enjoying them. Just hold onto the insulating silicone band and enjoy your wine on your timeline.

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Pineapple Drink Tumbler

Best Pineapple Tumbler

Every body is a beach body, but not every tumbler is a beach tumbler. This Pineapple Drink Tumbler, though, gives off the perfect “vacation from my vacation” vibes as you’re sipping your cocktail by the beach or pool. It holds 16 oz, is made from BPA-free plastic, and is simply delightful. Perfect for on-the-go drinking or to keep around for when tiki time hits.

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Cooler than Cool Chilled Smoked Whiskey Glass

Best Chill Whiskey Glass

Maybe you’re the kind of pro drinker who likes a cold glass of whiskey by the pool. Well done, friend. You’ve got some real Ron Swanson vibes and we like it.

May we suggest this Cooler Than Cool Chilled Whiskey Glass to keep your dram properly chilled without diluting the magic within? After throwing the glass in the freezer for a few hours, the proprietary gel inside the walls of the BPA-free plastic glass will keep your Suntory, Laphroaig, or Bulleit frosty all day or all night long. Take a hold of the cushioned, insulating silicone band, and enjoy your evening.

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Disco Ball Drink Tumbler

Best Disco Ball Tumbler

Make sure everyone knows that you’re dance floor royalty with this Disco Ball Drink Tumbler. It holds 16 oz of your favorite beverage in its shimmering BPA-free plastic walls, comes with a reusable straw, and brings the party wherever you go.

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