Get 20% off These Drinks DIY Kits Today Only

Especially this year, we’ve gotten really into projects. We’ve learned how to froth milk for our morning latte with a French press, how to roast pumpkin for pumpkin bread instead of buying it, and how to cut our own bangs (just kidding, we would never).

There’s something about making something that you could have bought that just feels good. It’s nice to get to learn and create in a low-key way that results in something tangible and enjoyable. Especially if you can incorporate your favorite drink into the experience, it’s a mood-enhancer and a good time.

That’s why we’re offering 20% off all DIY kits today with the code DIY20. Whether you’re a wine lover or more an enjoyer of spirits, there’s a DIY project for you.

Barrel-less Oak Aging Kit

Best Whiskey Aging Kit At Home
While we love the idea of aging our own spirits in barrels, it’s a little tricky unless you have a cellar built especially for the purpose. That’s why we love this much more manageable way to age your own spirits. You could make simple syrup again or try making bitters OR you could age some bourbon, tequila, rum, or whatever you enjoy drinking the most.

The Barrel-less Oak Aging Kit comes with one stainless steel & silicone stopper/pourer and two charred oak sticks—just insert a stick into an unaged bottle of spirits and wait for the magic to happen. Actually, you don’t have to wait very long as the flavor is noticeable after a day, but you can age it up to six weeks. Voila, custom spirits! Perfect for the adventurous drinker.

Wine Cork Trivet Kit

Best Wine Cork Trivet DIY Kit
You could keep your used corks in a jar or something to, uh, look at once in a while. Or, you could repurpose the most memorable ones into something useful. Meet the Wine Cork Trivet Kit. Keep your table safe and secure whenever serving something hot. When not in use, the cork trivet is a gorgeous reminder of all the amazing bottles you’ve tried over the years. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves a splash of wine while cooking, and trust us, you’ll want to grab one for yourself too.