This Homemade Gin Kit Is A Must Have For Every Gin and Cocktail Lover

As any gin lover will tell you, not all gins are created equally. Everyone has their own favorite brand or preference of botanicals that they gravitate towards when looking at the endless rows of bottles at the liquor store.

For those that really want to create an unparalleled experience, there’s only one thing left to do; make your own gin. That’s where this Gin Kit comes in.

We love this Homemade Gin Kit because it’s perfect for learning how botanicals and juniper berries play the central role in gin’s creation. Also, after trying a few other kits, we’ve found this one to be the easiest to use.

Best Homemade Gin Kit
The Homemade Gin Kit gives you everything you need to make the perfect gin.

The kit comes with a specially crafted blend of herbs and botanicals to create a solid gin, so at its purest form all you need is a bottle of vodka for the base and you are good to go. Those looking to take their blend to the next level can still use the tools provided and include other elements (citrus peel, rose petals, cinnamon) to create a true “house” gin.

You’ll also receive two half bottles to store your spirit, making it easy to give one of your homemade elixirs as a gift — although we wouldn’t judge if you decided to keep both for yourself.

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