Best Coupe Glasses For Champagne, Cocktails, or Just Feeling Fancy

The coupe glass has quite the wild history. Some say it was molded from Marie Antoinette’s left breast because she wanted everyone to toast to her health via her bosom (royalty, amiright?!). But in reality, it was invented long beforehand in France as the first glass made specifically for drinking champagne.

Still, the sexy myths persist to this day. Karl Lagerfeld designed a Dom Perignon bowl inspired by Claudia Schiffer’s, ahem, assets. And Kate Moss lent her anatomy to the design of a glass for London’s 34 Restaurant.

Anatomy aside, the curvaceous coupe adds an element of glam to any home bar. These are our picks for you.

Leopold Gold-Rimmed Coupe Glass (Set of 6)

The experts at Cocktail Kingdom designed this gold-rimmed set, making the perfect home for a classic Martini.
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Vintage-Inspired Coupe Glass Set (Set of 4)

You could mix up some classy desserts in this coupe glass. But let’s be honest, what we really want to see it filled with is an expertly mixed Manhattan.
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5th Avenue Coupe Glass (Set of 6)

Nothing says classy like a set of mouth blown coupe glasses, handmade in Germany.
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Spiegelau Champagne/Cocktail Coupe (Set of 4)

These glasses may not be as old as Marie Antoinette but they’ve got 500 years of glassmaking history on them thanks to the folks at Spiegelau.
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