5 of Our Labor Day Picks For People Who Love Cocktails

2020 has really upped our at-home cocktail game. From Zoom happy hours to needing to recreate our favorite going-out drinks, this summer has given us some moves. Whether you’re also a newly minted mixologist or you just would like to be able to whip up a nice negroni, these are the deals on cocktail gear that will take your drink-mixing skills to a whole new level. Just use code LABORDAY15 at checkout to get 15 percent off.

Cocktail Codex Poster

Best Cocktail Recipe Poster Print
Death & Co.’s Alex Day, Nick Fauchald, David Kaplan, and Devon Tarby had a hypothesis. They believed that in order to be an expert bartender, you really only have to know six drinks. They wrote a book on the subject. The book won a James Beard Award.

Bring the magic of those six cocktails into your home with this museum-quality poster, illustrating the cocktails and three variations on each. You’ll look the part of an expert bartender and, better yet, you’ll actually be one!

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Professional Ice Cube Tray With Lid

Best Ice Cube Tray
Ice is perhaps the most underrated cocktail ingredient. Cocktails are at their best when they’re cold and a bit diluted (without being watery). Ensure that your cocktails are at their peak for longer with ice from this Professional Ice Cube Tray With Lid. The oversized ice cubes will keep your cocktail cold without watering it down, and the lid keeps the other flavors from your freezer from sneaking into your cocktail. The mold and lid are made with food-safe silicon and the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

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The Classic Cocktail Barware Set

Best Home Bartender Barware Set
It’s not hard to make a great cocktail, but you do need the proper tools. This Classic Cocktail Barware Set is commercial-grade and will get you started on the right foot. Included is a lead-free crystal mixing glass, then a stainless steel hawthorne strainer, double jigger, and weighted barspoon. You’ll soon be whipping up top-notch martinis, negronis, and anything else you can dream of with the greatest of ease.

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Spiegelau Coupette Glass

Spiegelau Coupette Glasses
We firmly believe that a great cocktail is just as delicious out of a mason jar as it is from a proper glass. That said, your mason jar situation will never feel quite as elegant as a cocktail served from the proper glass, especially if it’s the Spiegelau Coupette Glass. Crafted from lead-free crystal in Germany, these glasses are perfectly balanced, with an etched base that perfectly refracts the light. They’re dishwasher safe, and will make you feel like you’re drinking at a fancy bar in Manhattan. Take that, mason jars.

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Professional Shakers

Best Professional Cocktail Shakers
If you’re a Margarita or daiquiri fan, listen up. Some of the most delightful cocktails—that is, the ones featuring fruit juice, simple syrup, cream liqueurs, dairy, and more—are shaken. Make sure you’re up to the task with these professional-grade shakers, one large, one small. You’ll be ready for tiki night, taco night, and any other mixology challenge that comes your way.

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