This Chiller Is An Inexpensive Way To Keep Your Wine Cool

Few things are a downer like taking a sip of your favorite wine only to find it a lot warmer than you were expecting. When relaxing outside, it’s so easy to put the bottle down, get caught in a conversation, only to refill your glass with a bottle that has been baking in the sun. No matter how many times you pop it back in the freezer, the bottle just can’t stay warm. Finally, you resort to putting ice cubes in your Chardonnay, which dilutes it to the point of no return. All you wanted was to enjoy a glass of cold wine, and now instead you have a glass full of melted ice water with a hint of boozy grape juice. Not okay.

Nab this Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler. It uses a proprietary gel to keep your cold wine cold. Simply stash it in your freezer until you need it. While it’s hanging out in the freezer, the nontoxic gel lining that fills the six facets of the sleeve becomes just cold enough to maintain a nice chill on white wines and even your favorite chillable reds. So when you pull out the cooler and put a bottle in it, the cooler will snugly cradle your bottle, keeping it totally insulated and chilled, thanks to the multiple layers of foam and foil.

Your wine will stay at the perfect temperature for hours. Isn’t that SO much better than ice cubes?

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