Everyone Needs A Champagne Stopper When Staying At Home

When social distancing began, we were saving bottles of Champagne for the day we could throw parties again, but seeing as this situation doesn’t look like it’s changing soon, we’ve caved and started popping bottles like it’s going out of style. And thanks to this heavyweight Champagne stopper, you can open them knowing you won’t have to cry over pouring wine down the drain.

This gadget provides a lot of empowerment for less than $30. With this heavyweight stopper, you can open a bottle of sparkling wine on a Monday (or whatever day it is since who’s keeping track anymore), have a glass or two with dinner, close it up, and not worry about it going flat.

Heavyweight champagne stopper for keeping Champagne and Prosecco fresh

Even better, you’re not under any self-imposed obligation to finish that bottle — the wine will still be bubbly once your next Zoom Happy Hour rolls around. It really, legitimately works.

Don’t listen to us, though. In the VinePair Store, user reviews of this Champagne stopper include phrases like “saves the day” and “works like a charm.”

Pick up one for yourself, or buy it as a gift for your virtual partner in wine. Your entire worldview might not change, but your Champagne habits sure will.

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