Why Winged Bottle Openers Are The Worst Bottle Openers

Is it just us or have wine openers gotten a litttttttle out of control? With all of the bells and whistles (and hefty price tags), we’re half expecting to see a luxury model that can do your taxes and write a sonnet. But they’ve got one job to do—remove the only thing standing between you and a perfect glass of Pinot. So why complicate things?

The biggest culprits in our book? The winged bottle opener. On the surface, they seem a tad easier than your standard wine key, but when coming face to face with one, it truly has its flaws. The screw often shreds the cork. They break easily. And they’re rather large. Too many times do they only halfway pull the cork out (causing an obnoxious pop when you end up just yanking it out).

Best Affordable Corkscrew
This restaurant quality bottle opener is the only one we ever keep on hand.

That’s why we keep things simple with this classic, double-hinged corkscrew. Made of rosewood or durable plastic with a stainless steel screw, this oldie but goodie gets the job done, is light on the wallet and can be slipped into your pocket (the better to picnic with, my dear). It’s the go-to for all restaurant insiders and for a good reason. With a built-in foil cutter and strategic double-hinge design, they always pull out the cork gently and gracefully. Trust us, you’ll never use your winged corkscrew again.

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